God’s Water Falls in the Hands of Friends

God's Water Falls: an E-book Here’s an update on my e-book, ‘God’s Water Falls’.

I completed the artwork in the third week in August. I assembled it all on my iPad on a soon-to-be-released-app called ‘Book Creator, which I’ve had the pleasure to beta test. I’ll tell you more about the app once it is in the Apple’s App Store and is released to the public.

Since the artwork shares center stage with the text, I found myself tweaking it almost endlessly. Then I woke up one morning and had a wild idea to make major adjustments every piece (could have been something I ate the night before). So, I spent the entire day with that. However, when I compare the book now with the way it looked before, I’m glad I did it.

Next, I sent it out to my friends to get their feedback. I’ve discovered that regardless of how ‘great’ we think our ideas are, there’s always room for improvement. It’s nice to have people you trust who will say things to make us better. Once I get their feedback, I’ll make any necessary changes, then start up the marketing machine.

It should be available to the public in about a week from today.

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