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She Can SEE .003

Run Mother, Run Now I see two other green creatures. They, like the first had no definite form, no hard edges. They differed in that they wore masks like Bat Man and Robin, but these reminded me more of raccoons. A glint of light flashed across my dreary eyes like a star on the point […]

She Can See .001

  Aliens • Little Green Men • Just Like in the Movies Something is trickling through my veins. It’s warmer than room temperature tap water, but not warm enough to be blood. My eyes are rolled back. No, I don’t think I’m dead, just looking at my thoughts. I’ve always had lots of them, but […]

She Can SEE .000

It’s In Her Blood A car accident sent Maya to the emergency room at King Hospital, aka: ‘Killer King’. Although she suffered only a mild concussion, she was to be held overnight for observation. The Saturday night gunshot/stabbing queue had dwindled, so Dr. Jackson decided to run the test he had pretty much given up on. […]