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What Features Make an Enhanced Ebook

One of my favorite social sites is Quora. It is populated by some very smart people answering and asking questions. One of the questions that came across my path today is ‘What Features Make an Enhanced Ebook?’ Here is my answer: There are varying shades of interpretations for ‘ebook’, ‘enhanced book’ and ‘interactive book’. Because […]

A Content War – Not a Container War

In the war of tablets, Kindle and iPad are not even on the same battlefield. They’re engaged in a content war, not a container war. The tablet manufacturer who has the most compelling content will win the hearts of bibliophiles around the world. The epub3 standard for developing digital books is bring enhanced features to […]

Designing Fixed Layout Ebooks for Various Screen Resolution Tablets

Preparing for Fixed Layout Ebook Design   Are you preparing artwork for a fixed layout e-hanced book or interactive book? Or maybe it’s something you are curious about. It’s important to know the specs for the device it will display on. Currently, Apple’s iPad is getting the lion’s share of artfully designed enhanced and interactive […]

Mind Strike Part 2

On the Road

I’m traveling as I write this post. I’m in San Francisco, where there has been a small earthquake. Of course all the news media can talk about is ‘The BIG One. The searched the city and found a resident who had a wine glass fall from a shelf and break. That’s what I call ‘Desperation […]

Hunger Strike of the Mind

I’m departing from the usual ebook news of iPads, Kindles, apps and the like to address something near and dear to my heart; the education of our youth. Just as we’ve seen shake-ups in the music, movie and now book publishing industries due to advancing technologies, I believe it’s time for a major overhaul of […]

Interactive Children’s Books – Children Teaching Children

Interactive Children’s Books Interactive children’s books have been around since the time I was a child, and that has been over 50 years ago. I would interact with my books by drawing in them. I’m joking, though I did draw in most of my books. Interactivity in books was a part of my young reading […]

iPad – New Truck in Town Backing Up to the Docks of Book Publishers

The Truck There’s a new truck in town. It’s not an 18-wheeler, nor a 4 wheeler. It’s  the 1GHz dual-core iPad. I picked up the word ‘truck’ from some very bright tech journalists at Twit TV. A truck, as they (Leo Laporte, Alex Lendsay and Andy Ihnatko) have described it is a fast, powerful workhorse/workstation […]

Moving Tales Presents – The Unwanted Guest – Interactive Book Review

Moving Tales are the producers of interactive books for the iPad and iPhone. The Unwanted Guest is an old folk tale adapted from a book entitled Yiddish Folktales. The Unwanted Guest is, as the producer name implies, a moving tale; one told with passion and artfully ‘painted’ using contemporary tools. The Unwanted Guest is a […]

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