Look Inside Pageless



Imagine you received an invitation to visit the studio of a sculptor. When the artist pulled the drape from the large form in the middle of the room, you saw a block of marble from which the rough contour of a person had been chiseled. You saw the shape of a hand, but yet no fingers, the shape of a head, but yet no eyes. As you were leaving the studio, were glad to have shared in what few people would see; a work-in-progress.

Pageless is both a finished work of art and work-in-progress. It is a complete work of art because it has a beginning, middle and end; the form minus all the juicy details. It is a work in progress because it is currently being redeveloped from a short story into a full-blown novel, which is titled, ‘The Booklands‘.

I realize that not everyone would appreciate seeing a work of art under development. “Just show me the polished marble,” they might say. But some people relish the process as they do the product, the journey as well as the destination. If that’s you, I think you’ll enjoy Pageless. Besides, how wrong can you go for less than a dollar?

© 2007 • Keni Arts

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