Up and Running Again

Many years ago, I began hosting my sites on Godaddy. However, as they became more popular and it’s owner, Bob Parsons began to show his true colors (sexist), I became very dissatisfied paying into his vision. I put off transferring my sites (I have many) to another host because I knew it would be a big job.

When I saw Godaddy’s Superbowl commercial, the writing was on the wall; actually the writing was on the sexy model’s flesh. I decided then that it was time to make the move.

I had to jump a lot of hurdles to make it happen; unlock domains, get authorization codes, redirect dns, change email accounts, and on-and-on. Thankfully, it’s almost complete. There are still a few details to fix, but you should not see any major interruptions from this point on.

My new host is BlueHost. The first thing I noticed is that their Control Panel is much cleaner and easier to work with than Godaddy’s. Also, when I call tech support, there is not a big push to make sales. I’m only into my first week with BlueHost, so there’s no track record yet, but I believe I made the right decision to switch. I’ll let you know in about year if things are still going well with BlueHost.

She Can SEE .003

Run Mother, Run

She Can See .003

Now I see two other green creatures. They, like the first had no definite form, no hard edges. They differed in that they wore masks like Bat Man and Robin, but these reminded me more of raccoons.

A glint of light flashed across my dreary eyes like a star on the point of a pin.

Just as my eyelids grew too heavy and slammed shut, I heard a different voice. Though it was muffled, I recognized it; the tone, the pitch, the resonance; they were all too familiar.

Then that soothing voice struck me. With every ounce of dissipating strength I could muster I cried out, “Mother, we’ve been abducted by aliens. Run mother!” I screamed.

If I would have had a decade to choose my last words, they could have been more eloquent, but not more noble nor meaningful than ones that might save my dear mother’s life. My last thought as the murky sites and muffled sounds faded into the dark was, “I hope the dissection doesn’t hurt.

She Can SEE • Episode 003 • A serialized novel.
You are free to share this under the Creative Commons License.

She Can SEE .002

Little green manI have questions also. But before I could ask them, I find myself questioning my questions. Then I would question why I would question my question in the first place. Such questionable behavior for the student voted the one most likely to decide. Now what was the question? Oh yes, what is this creeping through my veins?

I roll my eyes back down until they lock in their sockets. My lids are shuttered. I try to open them but they are heavy like garage doors with broken springs. I heaved the left one up just high and long enough to see a shadowy figure hovering over me. I guess that means I’m lying down or floating in a standing position. It seemed to be some sort of humanoid, but green with a wrinkled scalp. It had one tiny eye and one very large illuminated eye.

Finally it hit me. I’ve been abducted! Was this creature benevolent of malevolent? Could it speak English? Could I? No. Now I hear his voice. There are other voices as well, but muffled. Maybe they’re not muffled, that might be their natural language. I pushed real hard and squeezed out an “Ummph”. On second thought, aren’t advanced civilizations telepathic? I certainly hope they’re advanced and not inferior to us. “Please, not less than”, I thought. When the green man moved, I saw a soft white light. Within it was a shadowy donut. Within its core was a small harsh light.

She Can SEE • Episode 002 • A serialized novel.
You are free to share this under the Creative Commons License.

She Can See .001


Aliens • Little Green Men • Just Like in the Movies

She Can SEE 001Something is trickling through my veins. It’s warmer than room temperature tap water, but not warm enough to be blood.

My eyes are rolled back. No, I don’t think I’m dead, just looking at my thoughts. I’ve always had lots of them, but had never really seen them like this before. Sure, I’d imagine what was on my mind, but I’d never really seen any . I never knew how colorful they were. They are every shape and color I could imagine plus a few I didn’t. Take that lavenderish one.That’s my favorite color, but this one is a shade and shape I had not thought of. Some of them are in containers while others are spread out on the floor. One container had five sides plus one. It wasn’t a pentagon, nor was it a hexagon, it just had five connected sides. They all pulsate. I looked closer and saw that I had thought about eating an apple. But now it was finished. It was faceted, the container that is; as though sliced with a sharp pear knife. Since I had not taken a bite from the container, I dismissed that thought.

She Can SEE • Episode 001 • A serialized novel.
You are free to share this under the Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License
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She Can SEE .000

It’s In Her Blood

A car accident sent Maya to the emergency room at King Hospital, aka: ‘Killer King’. Although she suffered only a mild concussion, she was to be held overnight for observation.

The Saturday night gunshot/stabbing queue had dwindled, so Dr. Jackson decided to run the test he had pretty much given up on. The procedure involved checking blood samples for an extremely rare enzyme.

The printout shivered in his hand like a kitten in the cold as Dr. Jackson looked at Maya’s test result. “My God,” he whispered, “she can see.”

She Can SEE is a serialized novel. You are free to share this under the Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License

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Lightening Strikes in an Eagle Rock Art Gallery

Here’s to the Crazy Ones


Thanks to the Internet and a vast array of online digital resources, we can learn about and be inspired by some unique and non-conforming people. Those are the ones who display exceptional talent, innovative ideas, and bravery, et al. You see these traits in business startups, academia, sports, on the battlefield, on stage and places where few dare tread. I saw an example of courage and bravery today in an aviator who goes by the moniker of ‘JetMan‘. His real name is Yves Rossy. His claim to fame is jumping out of airplanes and off of cliffs with wings and rockets strapped to his back. Not only is he courageous, but also his quest for purity of flight is inspiring.

It’s one thing to watch someone like this from afar, but it’s quite another to take part in their adventures. Those occasions come few and far between. Individuals fortunate enough to get connected with these uberachievers are themselves sometimes marked for a higher calling if they but seize the moment. Read more »

What Features Make an Enhanced Ebook

One of my favorite social sites is Quora. It is populated by some very smart people answering and asking questions. One of the questions that came across my path today is ‘What Features Make an Enhanced Ebook?’ Here is my answer:

There are varying shades of interpretations for ‘ebook’, ‘enhanced book’ and ‘interactive book’. Because the line is more blurry when describing the first two, I’ve come up with my own term, ‘ehanced’.

An ebook is the most basic form of a digital book. It is primarily text based. It usually, but not always, will include an illustration or photograph on the cover. It usually will allow for text reflow, variable font sizing and searchable text.

An enhanced ebook can be a hybrid of ebook and interactive book. If an ebook contains audio or video, it is enhanced. Look for more enhanced books as epub3 gains in popularity.

Interactive books are more ‘book apps’ than ebooks. They can provide many features such as A/V, read-to-me, touch, coloring and more. They are usually fixed layout formats. Children’s books are a very popular genre for interactive titles.

If you haven’t joined Quora, but would like to help someone find an answer to their question, or have a question of your own, join in.

I welcome your comments.

A Content War – Not a Container War

In the war of tablets, Kindle and iPad are not even on the same battlefield. They’re engaged in a content war, not a container war.

The tablet manufacturer who has the most compelling content will win the hearts of bibliophiles around the world.

The epub3 standard for developing digital books is bring enhanced features to tablets. The ability to add audio and video to their content is a welcome addition for designers. Numerous tablet makers, including Apple’s iPad will be able to take advantage of the epub3 features. Developers were watching  to see if the Kindle Fire play with epub3. It won’t.

I would like to have seen Kindle join the ePub party, but I can see why they didn’t. Amazon has been very author friendly. Their biggest challenge now is to get developers on board. They will gain the most momentum if the KF8 format can be developed by designers who lack coding skills.

Steve Jobs Biography -Reviewing the Container Now, the Content Later

The Steve Jobs Biography

Steve JobsThe Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson is a very revealing look at arguably one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the late 20th and 21st century. I have strong feeling about what I’ve read thus far. We’ll review the container now and the content later. That will also prevent any spoilers for those still plowing through the 600+ page tomb. For now, we’re reviewing the content What we will look at is the experience of purchasing and reading it digitally.

I purchased the digital edition of the book from Amazon. I first considered the option of buying it from Apple’s iBook store. After all, it was a book about ‘Mr. Apple’ himself. However, I wanted the freedom of reading it on either my iPad or Kindle. Since only Amazon could fulfill that request, thanks to its Kindle app on the iPhone, I chose it.


I could have gone to my local bookstore and purchased a pbook (physical or paper book) or I could have ordered the pbook from an on-line retailer and waited for its delivery.

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