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She Can SEE .003

Run Mother, Run Now I see two other green creatures. They, like the first had no definite form, no hard edges. They differed in that they wore masks like Bat Man and Robin, but these reminded me more of raccoons. A glint of light flashed across my dreary eyes like a star on the point […]

She Can SEE .002

I have questions also. But before I could ask them, I find myself questioning my questions. Then I would question why I would question my question in the first place. Such questionable behavior for the student voted the one most likely to decide. Now what was the question? Oh yes, what is this creeping through […]

She Can See .001

  Aliens • Little Green Men • Just Like in the Movies Something is trickling through my veins. It’s warmer than room temperature tap water, but not warm enough to be blood. My eyes are rolled back. No, I don’t think I’m dead, just looking at my thoughts. I’ve always had lots of them, but […]

She Can SEE .000

It’s In Her Blood A car accident sent Maya to the emergency room at King Hospital, aka: ‘Killer King’. Although she suffered only a mild concussion, she was to be held overnight for observation. The Saturday night gunshot/stabbing queue had dwindled, so Dr. Jackson decided to run the test he had pretty much given up on. […]

Lightening Strikes in an Eagle Rock Art Gallery

Here’s to the Crazy Ones Thanks to the Internet and a vast array of online digital resources, we can learn about and be inspired by some unique and non-conforming people. Those are the ones who display exceptional talent, innovative ideas, and bravery, et al. You see these traits in business startups, academia, sports, on the […]

What Features Make an Enhanced Ebook

One of my favorite social sites is Quora. It is populated by some very smart people answering and asking questions. One of the questions that came across my path today is ‘What Features Make an Enhanced Ebook?’ Here is my answer: There are varying shades of interpretations for ‘ebook’, ‘enhanced book’ and ‘interactive book’. Because […]

A Content War – Not a Container War

In the war of tablets, Kindle and iPad are not even on the same battlefield. They’re engaged in a content war, not a container war. The tablet manufacturer who has the most compelling content will win the hearts of bibliophiles around the world. The epub3 standard for developing digital books is bring enhanced features to […]

Steve Jobs Biography -Reviewing the Container Now, the Content Later

The Steve Jobs Biography The Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson is a very revealing look at arguably one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the late 20th and 21st century. I have strong feeling about what I’ve read thus far. We’ll review the container now and the content later. That will also prevent any […]

Designing Fixed Layout Ebooks for Various Screen Resolution Tablets

Preparing for Fixed Layout Ebook Design   Are you preparing artwork for a fixed layout e-hanced book or interactive book? Or maybe it’s something you are curious about. It’s important to know the specs for the device it will display on. Currently, Apple’s iPad is getting the lion’s share of artfully designed enhanced and interactive […]

Mind Strike Part 2