She Can SEE .003

Run Mother, Run

She Can See .003

Now I see two other green creatures. They, like the first had no definite form, no hard edges. They differed in that they wore masks like Bat Man and Robin, but these reminded me more of raccoons.

A glint of light flashed across my dreary eyes like a star on the point of a pin.

Just as my eyelids grew too heavy and slammed shut, I heard a different voice. Though it was muffled, I recognized it; the tone, the pitch, the resonance; they were all too familiar.

Then that soothing voice struck me. With every ounce of dissipating strength I could muster I cried out, “Mother, we’ve been abducted by aliens. Run mother!” I screamed.

If I would have had a decade to choose my last words, they could have been more eloquent, but not more noble nor meaningful than ones that might save my dear mother’s life. My last thought as the murky sites and muffled sounds faded into the dark was, “I hope the dissection doesn’t hurt.

She Can SEE • Episode 003 • A serialized novel.
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