She Can SEE .002

Little green manI have questions also. But before I could ask them, I find myself questioning my questions. Then I would question why I would question my question in the first place. Such questionable behavior for the student voted the one most likely to decide. Now what was the question? Oh yes, what is this creeping through my veins?

I roll my eyes back down until they lock in their sockets. My lids are shuttered. I try to open them but they are heavy like garage doors with broken springs. I heaved the left one up just high and long enough to see a shadowy figure hovering over me. I guess that means I’m lying down or floating in a standing position. It seemed to be some sort of humanoid, but green with a wrinkled scalp. It had one tiny eye and one very large illuminated eye.

Finally it hit me. I’ve been abducted! Was this creature benevolent of malevolent? Could it speak English? Could I? No. Now I hear his voice. There are other voices as well, but muffled. Maybe they’re not muffled, that might be their natural language. I pushed real hard and squeezed out an “Ummph”. On second thought, aren’t advanced civilizations telepathic? I certainly hope they’re advanced and not inferior to us. “Please, not less than”, I thought. When the green man moved, I saw a soft white light. Within it was a shadowy donut. Within its core was a small harsh light.

She Can SEE • Episode 002 • A serialized novel.
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