She Can See .001


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She Can SEE 001Something is trickling through my veins. It’s warmer than room temperature tap water, but not warm enough to be blood.

My eyes are rolled back. No, I don’t think I’m dead, just looking at my thoughts. I’ve always had lots of them, but had never really seen them like this before. Sure, I’d imagine what was on my mind, but I’d never really seen any . I never knew how colorful they were. They are every shape and color I could imagine plus a few I didn’t. Take that lavenderish one.That’s my favorite color, but this one is a shade and shape I had not thought of. Some of them are in containers while others are spread out on the floor. One container had five sides plus one. It wasn’t a pentagon, nor was it a hexagon, it just had five connected sides. They all pulsate. I looked closer and saw that I had thought about eating an apple. But now it was finished. It was faceted, the container that is; as though sliced with a sharp pear knife. Since I had not taken a bite from the container, I dismissed that thought.

She Can SEE • Episode 001 • A serialized novel.
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