Lightening Strikes in an Eagle Rock Art Gallery

Here’s to the Crazy Ones


Thanks to the Internet and a vast array of online digital resources, we can learn about and be inspired by some unique and non-conforming people. Those are the ones who display exceptional talent, innovative ideas, and bravery, et al. You see these traits in business startups, academia, sports, on the battlefield, on stage and places where few dare tread. I saw an example of courage and bravery today in an aviator who goes by the moniker of ‘JetMan‘. His real name is Yves Rossy. His claim to fame is jumping out of airplanes and off of cliffs with wings and rockets strapped to his back. Not only is he courageous, but also his quest for purity of flight is inspiring.

It’s one thing to watch someone like this from afar, but it’s quite another to take part in their adventures. Those occasions come few and far between. Individuals fortunate enough to get connected with these uberachievers are themselves sometimes marked for a higher calling if they but seize the moment.

Lightening Strikes

I had such an encounter with a very gifted visual artist. Several weeks ago, I put everything aside to lend my assistance to this artist. My job was to photograph the artist and artwork as it developed. I soon had the sense that I was photographing numerous and sustained lightning strikes as pencil marks struck and words flashed across a gallery wall.

The fire came down in Curve Line Space gallery in Eagle Rock, California where Kenturah Davis created a large-scale drawing on a wall 10’x12’. Her subject was Troy Davis, who was executed in Georgia under extremely controversial circumstances.

I was well acquainted with the artist. I have watched her mature over the years. To be more specific, I’ve watched over her throughout her years. Kenturah is my daughter.

Of course you would expect an artist/dad to be proud of his high-achieving artist son or daughter. I have two other daughters, Trenae and Tresell, equally amazing.Yet as I watched Kenturah work, I stepped out of the father role and saw her as a fellow artist. Gradually, it went much deeper than watching an equal. Kenturah was creating on a level I could barely imagine.

Beyond Magic

Kenturah’s technique is not revolutionary, but unique. Using grids, she plots the location of various elements of her subject. But that’s where familiarity ends. Using no outlines or preliminary surface sketching, she begins to write. By repeating a phrase or combination of words hundreds and thousands of times, she develops the image. As she works, she moves from unique to breathtaking. Imagine the awe of witnessing the very first photograph being developed in the early nineteenth century. It must have been like magic to the observers. Yet, I wouldn’t call Kenturah’s artwork magic. I call it a spiritual anointing.

I trust your spirit will be touched as you watch Kenturah write ‘Terminated With Extreme Prejudice‘. As you watch, consider a declaration we make in the United States as we pledge our allegiance: that justice is for all.

A Note to the ‘The Booklands’ Audience

In my eye-opening experience with Kenturah, I saw that I need to trim or cut some of my activities and consolidate others. This will allow me to devote more time to my art. I’ll continue writing about developing ebook technologies, but only as time permits. Also, I will be blogging everything from I hope to see you there.

Oh boohoo :-( will temporarily join the 120 million+ legion of abandoned blogs. It will rise again as my novel by the same name, The Booklands, develops and nears completion. Better yet, I think I’ll post portions here for your review and critique.

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