A Content War – Not a Container War

In the war of tablets, Kindle and iPad are not even on the same battlefield. They’re engaged in a content war, not a container war.

The tablet manufacturer who has the most compelling content will win the hearts of bibliophiles around the world.

The epub3 standard for developing digital books is bring enhanced features to tablets. The ability to add audio and video to their content is a welcome addition for designers. Numerous tablet makers, including Apple’s iPad will be able to take advantage of the epub3 features. Developers were watching  to see if the Kindle Fire play with epub3. It won’t.

I would like to have seen Kindle join the ePub party, but I can see why they didn’t. Amazon has been very author friendly. Their biggest challenge now is to get developers on board. They will gain the most momentum if the KF8 format can be developed by designers who lack coding skills.

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