Moving Tales Presents – The Unwanted Guest – Interactive Book Review

The Unwanted GuestMoving Tales are the producers of interactive books for the iPad and iPhone. The Unwanted Guest is an old folk tale adapted from a book entitled Yiddish Folktales. The Unwanted Guest is, as the producer name implies, a moving tale; one told with passion and artfully ‘painted’ using contemporary tools.

The Unwanted Guest is a ‘rags-to-riches’ story told with several interesting twists and turns. It also shows a unique perspective of true riches. It seems at times that we become complacent and tolerate people and/or situations that are not healthy. The Unwanted Guest reminds us that a creative idea coupled with hard work can win us the freedom we deserve.

One of the elements of the interactive book that really caught my attention is its unique visual style. It uses 3d animation that is rendered in a sort of cartoon-like cell shade without appearing cartoonish. Dramatic shadows and light lend to its richness. The book opens in black and white but cleverly introduces color, moving the story along.

The app has been upgraded at least once since I’ve been reading it with some interesting surprises. This somewhat satisfies one thing I had been a bit disappointed about. The list of features in the app state, ‘Randomly selected alternate views and extras to ensure no two viewings alike. That’s a very bold statement. The alternate views I’ve noticed have been so subtle, except for the surprise mentioned above, that I’m not sure if the view has actually changed or I’m merely imagining it has. Nevertheless, The Unwanted Guest is good for numerous viewings.

The narration is pleasant to listen to and can be played in English, French and Spanish. You may also record your own voice reading the text.

Moving Tales is a book for children. It’s also a book for adults who never put the child in themselves to bed.

Other Moving Tales include ‘The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross, Twas the Night Before Christmas and This Too Shall Pass. I’ll be reviewing those later.

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