Build Your Own iPad Book App

What would it take to build your own iPad book app today?

Upon hearing the rumors and eventually reading some facts from reliable sources about the coming release of the original iPad 1 in 2011, I set out to design an app and have it ready for the launch of the tablet.

Designing the app was the easy part. Developing and programing it was quite another, which required skills I didn’t have nor a desire to learn. I completed the comps then submitted requests for proposals to developers, both stateside and abroad.

The bids ranged from $5000 to $25,000. I tossed out the low bid and decided to go with one in the middle. News leaks about the iPad, its possible specs and features were so varied that I shelved my app.

Today, less than two years later I will build a more feature-rich app myself for very little money practically no programing skills, thanks to new easy-to-use software available now or coming on the scene very soon.

The advances in technology are moving at nearly break-neck speed. However, I hope to slow things down enough for us to see how we can take those book ideas we’ve dreamed about and use the inexpensive but powerful app building tools to make them a reality.

Is it time for you to build your own iPad book app?

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